You need to see this band to believe how much sound, power and energy from just two people!

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31.07Radostín Fest, Radostín nad Oslavou
07.08Kunčický Kravál
24.10Žďár nad Sázavou
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13.03.2015Větrák, Dolní Moravawww
30.04.2015MC Kotelna, Litomyšlwww+ The Feud (UK)
22.05.2015Jarní alternativa, Bystřice pod Hostýnemwww+ Dead Letters, Deviate Me
26.06.2015Žďár nad Sázavou, busking
31.07.2015Radostín Fest, Radostín nad Oslavouwww+ P.K., Letrourou, Funky Chicken
07.08.2015Kunčický Kraválwww
24.10.2015Žďár nad SázavouTBA
18.01.2014Modrý Trpaslík, Česká Třebováwww+ Sabrage, The Partisan
26.04.2014Batyskaf, Žďár nad Sázavouwww+ Náměstí Míru, Mashy Muxx
14.06.2014Eurojack 2014, Jihlavawww+ The Partisan, High Five, Lucky Losers
05.07.2014Radostín Fest, Radostín nad Oslavouwww+ P.K., LetRouRou, Hoochachos
18.07.20143psi private party, Chotěboř
29.08.2014Wůdštok na psím kruháči, Bystřice n. Pernšt.www+ Rabies, Hentai Corp., Prague Conspiracy
19.09.2014Quantum59 illegal+ Quantum59 sound system
20.09.2014Národní Fronta Fest, Žďár nad Sázavouwww+ P.K., D.O.P., Atomová Mihule, Fuga
24.10.2014All Rock Fest, Němčicewww+ Stopangin, Regen, Modrý Mauricius
31.10.2014Angels, Žďár nad Sázavouwww+ The Unholy Preachers, Dirty Blondes
22.11.2014Modrý Trpaslík, Česká Třebováwww+ Citizen 37, The Complication
12.12.2014MC Kotelna, Litomyšlwww+ Hentai Corporation
26.01.2013Lidový dům, Litomyšl www
02.03.2013Větrák, Dolní Morava www
20.04.2013Modrý Trpaslík, Česká Třebová www+ Dočadil a spol., Kaderus Blues
23.05.2013Chapeau Rouge, Praha www+ Pipes and Pints, Dj Dead Sailor
15.06.2013Eurojack 2013, Jihlava www+ Cémur Šámur, Laura a její tygři
13.07.2013Festival Artex, Králíky + Cate, Tichá dohoda
20.07.2013Česká Hospoda, Hrušová www+ Stan the Man, Kluci z Láže
27.07.2013Bikefest, Dolní Morava www+ Shit Drive, Sunset Trail
03.08.2013Benátská noc natřetí, České Petrovice + Dirty way, Ode zdi ke zdi
07.09.2013Quantum59 illegalwww+ Quantum59 sound system
10.10.2013Chapeau Rouge, Prahawww+ Exit Orchestra, Dj Jinxy Grooves
25.10.2013All Rock Fest, Němčice+ Citizen 37, El Camino
14.11.2013Mařena 2013, Fléda, Brnowww+ Rabies, Ghost of you, Retro Jokers
27.12.2013Watts, Holešovwww+ Los Perdidos, Divadlo Hvizd
26.01.2012Modrá Vopice, Praha www+ GariQ
11.02.2012Větrák, Dolní Moravawww
18.02.2012Béčko, Třebíč www+ Die Blaue Trottel Parade
03.03.2012Lidový dům, Litomyšl www
15.03.2012Desert, Brno www
04.05.2012RC Ponorka, Pardubice www+ The Partisan, Plum Dumplings
11.05.2012MC Kotelna, Litomyšlwww+ Dymytry
15.05.2012Festival studentských kapel, Kladno + 6 more
25.05.2012Žďáráles, Žďár nad Sázavou www+ Prague Conspiracy, Náměstí Míru
25.05.2012Rabies křest CD, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem + Rabies, Ecce Homo
16.06.2012Restaurace u Fidela, Brno www+ The Partisan
17.06.2012Staré náměstí, Česká Třebová + Rebel Nation, Citizen37
23.06.20123psi private party, Chotěboř+ Nežeň, Karibu
22.07.2012Zámek fest, Tatenice + Moribundus Band
04.08.2012Kozí Mejdan, Milkovice www+ P.K. & 50+ more!
21.09.2012Festival Křídla www+ Midi lidi, Discoballs, K.S.V.
22.09.2012Hospoda na Kuželně, Třebíč + The Partisan, Rockefeller Voice
28.09.2012Batyskaf, Žďár nad Sázavou www+ The Partisan
26.10.2012All Rock Fest, Němčice+ Citizen 37
17.11.2012Filmový klub, Přibyslav www
28.12.2012Apollo, Lanškroun www
15.01.2011Private party, Jimramov
12.02.2011Pivnice u divadla, Žamberk + Psycho Radio
05.03.2011Béčko, Třebíč www+ The Partisan
25.03.2011RC Morisson, Mariánské Lázně www+ Děti doktora Nehra, Valium
01.04.2011Křest CD, Modrý trpaslík, Česká Třebová www+ The Partisan, Citizen 37
10.05.2011Mezi Bloky, Praha www+ Ready Kirken, Alžbětiny Sosny
21.05.2011Pouťfest, Letohrad www+ Hope Addicts, PSI
11.06.2011Česká hospoda, Hrušová www+ Abraxas
18.06.2011Zámecký festival, Lanškroun + Kurtizány z 25. avenue, Buty
24.06.2011Evropský svátek hudby, Vysoké Mýto + W.A.F., Kronek Alband
25.06.20113psi private party, Staré Ransko
22.07.2011No Future Fest, Ladzany, SK+ Slobodná Európa, Godnoise
23.07.2011Festival Košumberk + Vltava, Zrní, Kill the Dandies
29.07.2011Skalákův Mlýn, Meziříčko u Želetavy www+ Los Chillakillaz, Los Perdidos
30.07.2011Rafan Fest, Dolní Čermná+ Shatter, Dymytry
13.08.2011Kozí mejdan, Milkovice www+ P.K. & 80+ more!
21.08.2011Mistrovství ČR ve stromolezení, Jihlava www+ Schodiště, Cémur Šámur
27.08.2011Letní alternativa, Bystřice pod Hostýnem + Los Perdidos, Visací zámek
03.09.2011Letní Parafest, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem + Dead Pope's Company, Dirty Blondes
10.09.2011Lanškrounská kopa, Lanškroun www+ UDG, Čechomor
29.10.2011Narozeniny KC Batyskaf, Žďár nad Sázavou www+ Radium.nfo, Le Pneumatiq
26.12.2011Pod Lampou, Plzeň www+ Mandrage


Check out our blasting music videos for our two singles and live videos at our YouTube channel!

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100% are a two piece power punky progressive rock band based in Czech Republic. Since 2006 they have played hundreds of great gigs all over the country!

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100% are a two piece power punky progressive rock band based in Czech Republic. Since 2006 they have played hundreds of great gigs all over the country. They have been received with amazement and excitement wherever they play. People are amazed at the sound and power coming from just two people! Added to this their energetic and theatrical stage performance has made them into a unique and well loved band. 100% are:

Marco Frangos
bass guitar, vocals, dgembe, noises

Vojta Bořil
drums, percussion, vocals, noises

+ special guests live:
Jirka Hammerle - dgembe, percussion
Vince Pereczes - guitar


Progressive rock tinged with ska, reggae and funky, played just by two blokes with 100% punk attitude - could you believe it? Just watch & listen!

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100% - LIVE @ AB RECORDS (2013)

Album Live in studio 2013
  1. Naming of the One (lyrics)
  2. The Show (lyrics)
  3. Our Kingdom (lyrics)
  4. Paranoia ? (lyrics)

100% - NAMING OF THE ONE (2011)

Album Naming Of The One
  1. Naming of the One (lyrics)
  2. The Show (lyrics)
  3. The Holy One (lyrics)
  4. Now you are gone (lyrics)
  5. Different Rules (lyrics)
  6. Deaf (lyrics)
  7. Eyes (lyrics)
  8. Son of God (lyrics)
  9. All this time (lyrics)
  10. Ashram (lyrics)

ZR MUSIC (compilation CD, 2011)

  1. Zu-Za
  2. 100%
  3. Crime
  4. D.O.P.
  5. Die Vogelmänner
  6. Dr. Vykuk
  7. Exit
  8. Fuga
  9. Hoochachos
  10. Maters of Disharmony
  11. K.S.V.
  12. Mystic Rules
  13. P.K.
  14. 3mimo
  15. The Last Boy Scauts
  16. Atomová Mihule
  17. Náměstí Míru
  18. 400: Žďár


Full biography of both current members as well as history of the band 100% from its birth.

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Bass guitar, vocals, dgembe, percussion, noises.

Marco founder and only surviving original member of 100% was born in London, UK to Greek parents on 29th April 1965. On Dec 9th 1980 (the day after John Lennon was shot) he bought his first bass a cheap Gibson SG copy made by Kay. His influences were the punk and ska that was coming out at the time eg The Police, The Ruts, The Jam, Tubeway Army, Blondie and the 2Tone ska movement especially The Specials, Madness, The Beat and The Selecter, which lead to reggae influences, Bob Marley, Maxi Priest and Aswad. Initial bass style was influenced by Horace Panter (The Specials) and Bruce Foxton (The Jam). Foxton is a plectrum player and tho Marco never used one, liked the sound which lead to Marco’s aggressive finger playing, his attempt to recreate a plectrum sound with his bare hands!

His style was further enhanced on hearing Mark King, he fell in love with the funky fast slapping but did it in his own aggressive punk style which didn’t go down well with his bandmates! No-one else was playing like that…until Flea from RHCP got well known then it was considered cool to attack the bass in an aggressive but funky way!

He was then introduced to Rush. Geddy Lee’s aggressive sound and progressive playing also becoming an influence, added to that saw Pink Floyd live and that added the progressive and psychedelic influences to the aggressive slap and punk style. At around that time he started listening to Motorhead after seeing their concert on TV, the mix of rock and punk and the huge sound from just 3 people really impressed him! He managed to see them live too. On the other end of the musical scale he got into The Cocteau twins another 3 piece but playing ambient Indie style, actually v hard to categorise! These influences gave Marco a v wide range of playing styles, from hard and fast to slow melodic, ambient and psychedelic.

He spent over 25 years playing in bands including punk, funk, blues, reggae, prog rock bands. Writing songs, playing over 2000 gigs all over London and Southern England aswell as some tours in Germany. The material was not only original songs but later on played covers in all styles for over 10 years which gave him a lot of versatility and great training for writing songs! All the best bands started playing covers and this he feels is the best preparation for song writing. He has also played many sessions, taught privately and in music workshops. He formed 100% in 1996 and after 10 years of a successful career in London, got married and relocated to Czech Republic in 2006 (for more see band bio).

  • Basses
    • Main Bass - Vintage late 60s early 70s
    • sunburst FENDER JAZZ with EMG pick ups (settings-bridge pick up FULL, neck pick up ¾, Treble FULL)
    • Back up bass - Musicman Stingray
  • Amplification
    Hartke 350w head into 4x10 SWR 900w Goliath Cab and TC Electronics 2x12 cab with hi freq horn
  • Strings
    Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky (Nickel) gauges-45 65 85 105
  • Effects
    • Boss ME50B Multi bass FX pedal
    • Boss RC50 Loop station
    • Boss RV-3 Digital delay/reverb
    • Ibanez PT9 Phaser
    • Ibanez CS9 Chorus
    • Tech21-VT Bass analog tube simulator
    • And more to come…

Current members of the 100% band are:

  • Marco Frangos - bass guitar, vocals, dgembe, noises
    Vojta Bořil - drums, percussion, vocals, noises
  • Special guests live:
    Jirka Hammerle - dgembe, percussion
    Vince Pereczes - guitar
  • 1996
    Band are formed in west London as a 3 piece, with John Hire (drums), Steve Morey (guitar, vocals), Marco Frangos (bass, vocals). Originally a covers band playing all styles of their favourite bands and music from the 60s to 90s and beyond! They have a residency in Brentford, west London which they then move to NW London (Harrow) hosting their own jam night where they inspired many young bands and started to get a big following. They got more and more gigs including a residency in London’s famous Camben town Caenarven Castle, which they held for 10 years and drew a massive regular crowd.
  • 1998
    John the drummer leaves to do a tour in Australia. After continuing for a while as a duo, they recruit Rupert Mann (drums) and Alex Kennard (guitar, now a No1 folk singer!). They continue with their weekly schedule of between 3 and 5 gigs a week.
  • 2000
    Alex and Rupert leave to focus on their original band and John returns to the drum seat. At the same time adding guitarist and Pink Floyd expert Darren Ragg who’s band Marco played with in the early days. Darren immediately added a more psychedelic sound and shared his love of ska and the bands sound started to diversify!
  • 2001
    The band starts to write original songs and Steve leaves due to musical differences! He is replaced by multi instrumentalist Steve "Bongo" Payne, who played keys, didgeridoo and bongos! Also shared vocals. Again this expanded the band’s sound. Shortly after Marie Benton joined on sax and vocals. This helped the band get a wider choice of gigs including festivals, weddings, parties and a funeral!
  • 2002
    The band records a 5 song EP with producer and sound master Tony Mulcahy. Sadly Marie and Darren leave a few months after the CDs are produced. Steve Howarth joins on guitar and the band carry on with even more gigs.
  • 2005
    The band come to CZ to play at Marco’s wedding! At this point both Steves leave due to financial pressure. 100% are now a 2 piece with only John on drums and vocals and Marco. They play a few gigs in Uk including some festivals but decide to relocate to Czech Republic.
  • 2006
    Marco moves to CZ to have his first child and carry on with the band now in Europe. John plans to move in the future and flies over for gigs.
  • 2007
    Later that year John decides to stay in UK. Marco plays some gigs with great Czech guitarist Ivan Jašek and his drummer Pedro from Brno band Annies Trip.
  • 2008
    Marco meets session funky drummer Petr Mori and together play many good gigs culminating with recording a 10 track CD (Naming of the One) in May 2010 in Prague, with Slovak producer Marecsek. Sadly Petr leaves shortly after due to family commitments.
  • 2011
    BUT then Marco meets Bořejk who was originally a fan of the band and hence already knew some of the songs. Mr B as Marco calls him turned out to be the drummer he had been waiting for all these years! A powerful and versatile double bass drum (aka Thunderfoot!) drummer with 100% attitude! Together to this day they have played many great gigs and plan to do even more!
  • 2013
    The band record 4 songs in AB studios (an old KINO) they play totally LIVE same room, no headphones, no screens, no overdubs (except one solo and vox), 2 older songs and 2 new ones.

They are currently writing more material and planning a video for 2 of the new recordings as a double A side single…then new album, more and bigger gigs, spreading the 100% LOVE and MUSIC from the heart to more and more people!


Drums, percussion, vocals, noises.

At that time he sat behind a drum-kit and immediately after the first strike he was absorbed. The original appeal of mindless hitting something and thinking that it is someone pissing you off at the moment, grew into love for playing drums. As a self-taught enthusiast he started to shape a unique style, playing a drum-kit consisting of mainly buckets and canisters. His development as a drummer was aided by getting a set of Amati drums, which he played for various reasons for 5 years – an astronomical achievement for a drummer!

After getting aquainted with rock bands of that era he discovered punk. It seems like an ideal choice now, because a musician who never played punk nor has at least a bit of punk attitude in his music, is simply shit. At a time he becomes fascinated by metal and grindcore as well. The biggest inspiration were therefore bands like Napalm Death, Suicidal Tendencies, The Exploited, System of a down, Slipknot and other classic stuff.

Since the very beginning he was active in varied bands. He played concerts and jam sessions and is a guest player in a few bands too. In a band KORISZ he was given his drummer name „Bořejk“ (something like „El Destructo“ in Spanish), which accurately characterizes his style. The most successful band is P.K. – irresistable pack of (not only) punk parties – with whom he played numerous overwhelming and sometimes even hardly believable gigs, won some competitions (sometimes without even knowing that they competed), created two studio recordings and a few live ones, went twice on a tour in Germany and once on a two weeks tour of the Peoples Republic of China!

During more than a decade of his music career Bořejk opens up to various styles. He incorporates into his original punk-metal frenzy elements of funky, raggae, ska or disco and for a time he even listens to jazz. As he became more skilled in technique he could afford to introduce into his music even elements of grindcore or drum and bass. You can still feel a lot of aggression and energy. Moreover, he didn’t lose any of his original punk feeling and with an attitude of “there’s no tommorow” his drumer presentation is really hot! Bořejk has become a versatile and sought for drummer.

The turning point for him was attending a concert of a band 100% consisting of a bass player Marco Frangos and a drummer John Hire. Wholly fascinated by their fantastic music and unrestrained performance he instantly became their fan. Later he encountered the band several times and became aquainted with Marco. It didn’t take long and after the drummer Petr Mori left, Marco contacted Bořejk for cooperation. Together they immediately and without practice played their first gig in Nové Město na Moravě. The boys felt that they had been looking for each other and 100% took its contemporary shape. Since 2011 these chaps tirelessely travel around Czech Republic and with one-hundred percent dedication they give hapiness and energy to ever growing audience.

  • Drums
    • Sleishman
  • Cymbals
    UFIP, Anatolian
  • Drumheads
  • Drumsticks
    Vic Firth
  • Hardware


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We play at every good event! It can be a gig, festival, party, benefition, snowboard or bike competition, wedding, funeral, techno-party and much more!

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